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On July 8, 2021, a virtual meeting was held between the Municipality of Vushtrri, specifically with the Mayor Mr. Xhafer Tahiri and the youth from the diaspora, where the topic of conversation was regarding opportunities for professional practice in the Municipality of Vushtrri, for young people interested in expanding knowledge and work experience.

Mr. Tahiri, emphasized that the municipality of Vushtrri provides opportunities within two months, specifically between July 15 to September 15, all young people from the diaspora who are on vacation in Kosovo, can use the time for professional practice in areas such as: Administration, Economy, Education, as well as other fields depending on the interested party / s. Also, in addition to summer vacations, those interested can be part of internships in other months, which can be achieved through contacting the Municipality and the organization GERMIN.

Mr. Mjeku, emphasized that the organization GERMIN will always be on standby for young people from the diaspora, regarding the announcement of internships as well as assistance to contact for the possibility of engagement in the municipality of Vushtrri.

During the meeting there were various details where Ms. Albana Halilaj and Ms. Ardiana Mucolli, asked about other summer events that can be done by the municipality and whether professional internships can be done during other months depending on the time of students to complete an internship.

Mr. Tahiri reiterated that the diaspora are welcome in other months and shared additional contact information for all those interested in the practice. Details as follows:

Municipality of Vushtrri
Email: [email protected]
Phone number: +383 38 200 42417

As well as GERMIN
Email: [email protected]
No: +38349542525

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