The city of Vushtrri is one of the oldest settlements in Kosovo. In the past this settlement in Latin sources was called Viciana. Geographically, the municipality of Vushtrri is located in the northern part of Kosovo and borders Mitrovica in the north, the municipality of Skenderaj in the northeast and the municipality of Obliq in the south.  The municipality of Vushtrri is rich in terms of natural resources with rivers, mountains and alluvial land for agriculture. The hydrography of this municipality is rich with 3 rivers: Sitnica river, Terstena river and Studimja river which have distinctive vegetation around them. In addition to natural resources, this city is quite rich in terms of cultural heritage, being the location of many of the historic buildings, old bridges, medieval hamam, old mosques, medieval castles and cobbled streets. The economy of the municipality of Vushtrri is mainly focused on gastronomy, wood processing and agriculture, for which it is well known in Kosovo. 

The soil in this municipality is very high quality and at the same time suitable for planting fruits and vegetables. The most cultivated agricultural crops in Vushtrri are: onions, potatoes, corn, etc.

The diaspora originating from Vushtrri is mainly concentrated in Germany, Switzerland and other western European countries. Many members of the Diaspora have invested in this municipality, with special emphasis on the gastronomy sector. 

Based on these data, Germin through reports and research will single out the main information about the most competitive sectors in Vushtrri, to attract local, foreign investors and in particular those from the Diaspora to consider their investment opportunities in this municipality.