The municipality of Vushtrri is located in the northern part of Kosovo, specifically in the district of Mitrovica, a municipality with which borders it in the north, and in the south with the municipality of Obiliç and west with the municipality of Skenderaj. This municipality has an area of: 345 km2and with a population of 69,870 inhabitants spread across 67 settlements within this municipality. Its terrain belongs to the part of the Kosovo plain where it is characterized mainly by flat relief and is defined by several mountainous parts, such as Qyqavica Mountain, Shala Mountains, etc. The land of the municipality of Vushtrri is very suitable for agriculture and is known for its economy which largely depends on agriculture, more specifically the planting of potatoes, onions, and various trees such as strawberries, raspberries, etc. What made it even more valuable are the rivers, such as the Sitnica, then other more vegetated rivers like the Trstena, the Study. With the presence of these rivers, the opportunity for the development of agriculture was made easier. 

Beyond natural resources, Duboc - Magnesium and Porcelain

  • Bivolak, Zhilivodë, Beçuk, Stroc, Gllvotin - charcoal
  • Pasoma, Tërllobuq, Smrekonicë and Shale - the use of stone
  • Gumnishtë and Boshlan - lead and zinc ores
  • Bainska - thermal and mineral water
  • Green and Gojbulë - mineral water
  • Karachi - mineral springs

 Vushtrri is a model place of coexistence between different communities. Also, this municipality is very rich in the field of cultural heritage, which also represents a potential for tourism development. The cultural heritage has many special attractions such as the city castle, the stone bridge, the cobbled streets, etc.

Vushtrri has been known in the past for activities such as agriculture, trade and crafts (with crafts such as leather-working, fabric-working, metal-working). Agriculture is considered as the main branch on which the inhabitants of this municipality depend the most, considering that this municipality is one of the richest municipalities in Kosovo with fertile arable land, and is known as the largest potato producer in Kosovo. 

Vushtrri’s economy is based mainly on small businesses, and very little on medium-sized businesses. The most developed sectors in this municipality are: Trade, Wood Processing, Food Processing and Agriculture. According to KBRA, in the period 2000-2018 in this Municipality, 4,406 businesses were registered.